10 Core Exercises That Are Better For Your Back (and Body) Than Crunches

8. Side Plank Band Row

Same description as side plank but with top arm perform a row using a band or cable to increase difficulty.

9. 1/2 Kneeling Pallof Press

Set up on one knee with the inside knee down. Move out to a comfortable distance starting with the band pressed to your heart. From there reach your arms straight out keeping the core still and not letting it rotate.

10. Ab Wheel Rollouts

(ADVANCED PROGRESSIONS): Starting on your knees slowly roll your arms out maintaining a flat low back position.

Hollow Holds (ADVANCED PROGRESSIONS): Starting on your back “sit up” and reach your hands and feet to the ceiling. Slowly start to lower your hands and feet only as far as you can keep the hollowed out position of your spine.

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