20 Smart Ways To Survive Dating In A Millennial World (& Find What We’re Looking For)

Dating in today’s world is not easy and it has a lot to do with the millennial dating mindset. Dating can be a good thing, or at least it’s supposed to be. Being single can be fun but it can also be lonely. We all want that someone special in our lives and to end the days when we are single.

Our relationships seem to be the thing that we neglect most often in our lives, even if we are succeeding in every other aspect. Putting dating on the back-burner usually happens because we get tired of making such a big effort. It seems to not be working out and we are hoping for something different.

But blind dates can also be brutal because we know nothing about the person we are going on a date with. There is a Netflix and chill mentality going on right now, too, and that makes it hard to think that we will ever find someone to spend our lives with.

So, what can we do? We may have some tips that can help you to survive the new dating world that we are living in. Check out these 20 small ways to survive dating in a millennial world.

20. Try To Be Friends With Someone First

One way that you can beat the millennial dating trap is to attempt to be friends with the man you are interested in first. If you try out being friends first, it could really make a huge difference.

It can be hard to open up to someone romantically at first and that’s why being friends first is so helpful.

You can build trust as friends and get to know each other without any romantic pressure. Getting to know someone personally on a friendship level is going to make that romance worth the wait. Of course, it’ll also help you determine whether romance is in the cards at all in the first place.

19. Try To Avoid Online Dating Apps

You may find this suprising considering that there are at least a dozen different dating apps, but there is a lot wrong with online dating these days. Alysha Jeney, a 30-year-old married relationship counselor says, “I am not a huge fan of online dating, to be 100% honest. I keep hearing over and over again that people are trying to find connection and they can’t be authentic. People are going on date after date after date and they really want to find a connection, but that takes time, and [their dates] don’t want to go out again or they just want [physical relationships].”

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