3 Leg Workouts You Can Do At Home Without Equipment

Leg strength and muscular development is a pillar of strength, power, and fitness training. Strong quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes help to increase running economy, sports performance, and quality of life (especially as we age). Strength training, while often requiring external loading and equipment such as barbells and dumbbells, can also be done using only bodyweight in certain instances where loading is not an option and.or early in a training career.

Therefore, in this article we set out to offer coaches and athletes some exercise suggestions and workout ideas on how to train the leg without weights and additional equipment, specifically:

  • The Best Leg Exercises to Do Without Weights
  • 3 Sample Leg Workouts to Do Without Weights

Note, that to build strength and muscle mass, bodyweight training may fall deficit for most advanced and serious goals. That said, a combination of resistance training and bodyweight exercise is suggested for optimal leg development.

Best Leg Exercises to Do Without Weights

Below are five (5) of the best leg exercises/movements you can do without weights. While most of the exercise below are squat and/or lunging variations, it is important to understand the unique benefits and distinct differences between each variation and how they can be used within the same workouts to maximize muscle growth.

Note, that most of these exercises can be done with specific tempos to increase time under tension, muscle activation, and intensity.

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