3 Things Beachbody Trainers Absolutely Do to Speed Up Their Weight Loss Program, Steal Them!!

You’re eating a healthy diet, watching your calorie intake, and focusing on whole, unprocessed foods. That’s the key to weight loss, but you can speed up your efforts by incorporating exercise. Beachbody supertrainer Autumn Calabrese, creator of 80 Day Obsession, shared these three fitness tips to help you find weight-loss success.

1. Increase the Intensity of Your Workouts

When you’re working out, your body quickly adapts to the demands you place on it, which can result in a weight-loss plateau. Keep your body guessing! “If you’ve been doing the same workout for months, it’s time to up the intensity or change it up completely,” Autumn suggested.

If you normally work out alone, find a class to take; you might be more inspired to push yourself harder. If yoga is your thing, mix things up and try barre. Or, if you’re used to doing steady state cardio like running or biking, try doing HIIT training — it’s been proven to burn more calories in less time and to target belly fat.

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