3 Things Beachbody Trainers Absolutely Do to Speed Up Their Weight Loss Program, Steal Them!!

3. Stay Consistent and Patient

You won’t see results unless you stick with your workouts, and they won’t happen overnight. “The best way to speed up your fat loss is to stay consistent with your healthy eating, workouts, sleep, and self-care,” Autumn said. “The more consistent you are, the faster the results will come.”

Schedule workouts in ways that will keep you accountable. Pay for a gym membership that encourages you to go a certain number of times a week. Plan to meet a friend for a fitness class or make an appointment with a trainer. If you know you can only fit in a sweat session after work, be sure to pack your gear the night before and bring it to work so you can head to the gym without having to go home first. View your workout time as important as appointments you’d make for the doctor or your therapist so you don’t skip out!

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