35 Pro Tips To Help You Double Your Muscle Building Gains

It’s time to up the training intensity and improve your gains. In this feature top bodybuilding trainer presents 35 effective ways of getting better results from your training and diet.

Are you stuck in your efforts to build more muscle? Are you getting a little tired of the same-ole tactics such as strip sets, rest-pause and pre-exhaustion? Read on for a few unique ways to breathe new life into your program and double your muscle-building gains.

#1 – Do the opposite: Are you a stickler for order? Every once in a while completely reverse the order of your exercises. So, for example, try starting your next leg workout with calves then hamstrings and then quads. New perspective, new gains.

#2 – Go totally unilateral: Bench presses, barbell rows and squats populate most mass-gain programs but what about performing an entire workout unilaterally? You will quickly identify weak sides and strong limbs by working just one side at a time.

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