35 Pro Tips To Help You Double Your Muscle Building Gains

#3 – High rep it: Stuck doing low rep sets? Has the heavy, low rep mentality stopped working so well? Try going high rep for a while. Keeping your reps in the double digits doesn’t mean that you go easy. Pushing a higher rep set to failure will spur metabolism, jack up testosterone and give you that coveted pump.

#4 – Nothing under 10: Nothing can pack on the muscle all over like leg training. Full-range squats taken to failure will get you big everywhere. Unfortunately, most trainees don’t train legs in the pain zone enough. Try repping out with no less than 10 reps for any and all leg exercises and find out how real lower body training should be.

#5 – Do one exercise: Multiple exercises for body parts are great and all but inundating your routine with too many angles will start to diminish your muscle-building returns. For a few weeks try choosing just one exercise per body part and perform 10 sets or so – keep it simple.

#6 – Squat three times per week: The fear of overtraining is a trend that is hopefully going the way of the dinosaur. As mentioned above, nothing beats training legs (especially squats) for adding mass. Go ahead, squat three times per week – you have everything to gain.

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