35 Pro Tips To Help You Double Your Muscle Building Gains

#32 – Stay consistent, overcome: Sporadic schedule? Training times vary? Having trouble staying consistent? One word – endure. Need another one? How about overcome. Stay the course and be resilient during the tough times. Over time you will have developed the discipline to take on any challenge.

#33 – Cheat smart: Having a cheat meal shouldn’t mean pigging-out on a whole pizza or a gallon of ice cream if lean muscle gains are your goal. Sure, have a dessert or a burger or two but keep it relatively clean for the rest of the meal. It doesn’t have to be chicken and rice (that wouldn’t really be considered a cheat meal) but don’t go to extremes.

#34 – Sleep: Let’s get this straight; training breaks down muscle fibers and stimulates certain reactions, but sleep builds muscle. Get 8 to 9 hours per night. End of story.

#35 – De-stress: If I were to choose the biggest culprit for the reason of lack of gains in hard-working trainees it would be stress. Stress literally kills. You need the positive stress of training to induce growth and change, but the stress provided by everyday life needs to be managed if you want to reach your full potential.

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