4-Minute Bodybuilding Workout: Jim Stoppani’s Brutal Full-Body Workout That Worthy Imitate

4-Minute Muscle: The Details

First, weight selection is very important. If you go too heavy, your rep count in the 4 minutes will be too low to promote hypertrophy, and you’ll end up fighting for your life far too soon. If you go too light, you’ll get a ton of reps, but probably won’t stimulate much muscle growth.

I recommend picking a weight that would normally have you reaching failure at 12-15 reps. Trust me, you don’t want to go much heavier than this with the 4-minute protocol.

4 Minute Muscle Jim Stoppani's Brutal Full-Body Workout

Once you have the exercise picked and you’ve loaded up the bar, machine, cable stack, or dumbbells with the appropriate weight, start the clock. In the span of exactly 4 minutes, you’ll alternate between repping out and resting to achieve as many reps as possible.

I strongly suggest you don’t go to failure right out of the blocks, though. On the first set, do somewhere around 10 reps. Then, stop and rest for 15 seconds or so before you start repping out again. You’ll want to experiment with different rep-and-rest schemes over the 4 minutes, but the whole point is to find whatever strategy allows you to maximize the number of reps you do.

Ideally, you should complete around 36-45 reps in the 4 minutes to put you in the ideal muscle-building window or “sweet spot.” If you’re able to do more than 45 reps, you went too light and should use more weight next time. If you failed to hit 36, you went too heavy and should lighten the load next time. A typical 4-minute muscle rep scheme might look like this:

  • 10 reps, rest 15 sec.
  • 10 reps, rest 15 sec.
  • 8 reps, rest 15 sec.
  • 6 reps, rest 15 sec.
  • 4 reps

That adds up to 38 reps total, which is plenty to give you a hypertrophy-promoting stimulus. It’s also exactly how this protocol worked out for me when I recently performed it with EZ-bar curls.

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