5 CrossFit Exercises That Are Often Ignored But Very Effective to Burn Stubborn Fat, Study Finds

There’s no one right way to lose weight. Learn from one of the fastest-growing sports by applying these CrossFit concepts to your fat-loss routine.

Looking to ramp your fat loss? Before you do an hour of steady-state cardio or bookend your workouts with burpees and mountain climbers, consider how CrossFit can help you burn fat. In fact, whether you’re a hardcore lifter who does nothing but push iron or a runner who logs miles, adding aspects of CrossFit to your training routine could boost your training and results.

Take one look at the best of the best CrossFit athletes, and it’s clear just how muscular and fit—not to mention ripped—these individuals are. You don’t have to quit your gym, join a box, or “drink the Kool-Aid” to benefit from the wisdom of CrossFit.

Here to share with you some of her best fat-loss exercises is CrossFit star and RSP athlete Hannah Eden.

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