5 CrossFit WODs That You Are Not DOING But You Should Try, According to Bodybuilder

This one is a bit more “CrossFit” than the others here, but it’s fun enough—in a mean way—that it’s worth opening your mind to try. Workouts that are AMRAP, or “as many rounds as possible,” is the other end of the forced-exertion spectrum from the timed workouts elsewhere on this list. Rather than trying to get the fastest time possible, you’re simply trying to complete as many rounds as possible. Both methods are effective intensity-boosters, which means both have their place in your muscle-building routine.

5 CrossFit WODs Every Bodybuilder Should Try

This workout combines explosive leg work with intense upper-body strength exercises, making it a great warm-up for almost any split. Choose a kettlebell weight that is challenging but safe for 10 reps, and opt for a box or bench between 12-20 inches high.

If you don’t have rings, you can always use parallel bars or a bench, but you won’t get the same focused intensity because your triceps won’t have to work to stabilize like they would on the rings. This move is a keeper.

If you like this AMRAP format, you can keep the same 10-minute time limit and substitute any three non-competing strength-building exercises. Just make sure you hit at least two different muscle groups so you can push hard without having to take a rest.

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