5 Exercises to Try If You Hate Burpees, Recommended By Expert

Negative Push-up

“From a plank position, lower yourself slowly all the way to the ground,” says Summers. Then, get back into a plank however you want to (no need to push up straight from the floor) and do it again. Negative push-ups help you get strong in that lowering movement so that you can do it in a very controlled way (instead of flopping down onto the ground).

  • Start in a high plank, shoulders directly above your wrists, hands shoulder-width apart, palms flat, legs extended behind you, core and glutes engaged.
  • Bend your elbows and lower your body to the floor as slowly as possible. Drop to your knees if needed (keep your core engaged even in the modified position).
  • Get back into high plank position, either by pressing through your palms and straightening your arms again, or just sitting back toward your heels and resetting.

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