5 Exercises to Try If You Hate Burpees, Recommended By Expert

Ball Slam

“If you’re looking for a higher intensity movement but getting on the floor isn’t for you, ball slams are a great option,” says Summers. Bonus: Slamming a ball with all your might is a superb way to work out any built-up stress after a long day.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width (or wider) apart, and hold a medicine ball at waist height.
  • Raise the ball up over your head, rising up on your toes as you do.
  • Keep your abs tight and glutes squeezed as you slam the ball down to the ground in front of you as hard as you can. At this point, you should naturally bend your knees a bit.
  • Grab the ball as it bounces back without dropping your chest or rounding your shoulders forward. You want to keep your back as flat as possible throughout. Push your butt back and bend your knees more if you need to catch the ball without sacrificing form.
  • Stand back up and bring the ball overhead to immediately go into the next slam.
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