5 Things You May NOT KNOW About Bodybuilding

#5 – There are few “essentials”

There are few essentials required for muscle building. You really only need consistency, quality exercise selection, proper food intake, progressive overload and a reputable training approach. While there are plenty of other tools that can be beneficial to the muscle building process, always remember that they are not requirements.

You will often hear people say that things like slow negatives, high intensity training, super sets, rest-pause, or certain rep schemes are “the magic.” All advanced training techniques and protocols can be beneficial, but that does not make them essential.

How do I know, and why should you trust me?

I’ve trained with, profiled, interviewed or studied the training systems of hundreds upon hundreds of¬†top natural bodybuilders¬†and powerlifters over the years. The one thing they have in common is this: they all train differently.

What this tells us is that there are few essentials (they are listed a few paragraphs above). Beyond these essentials, training becomes highly personalized. While there is no downside to trying new techniques and methods, a lifter should remember that they are certainly not needed.

Focus on the essentials and evolve your training based on needs. The essentials are the magic. Try new things, but never chain yourself to them if they do not feel right.

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