7 BS Facts About Muscle That Everyone Thinks are True

Do magazine headlines and tips from fitness gurus leave you scratching your head? Be wary of these BS muscle “facts” that everyone thinks are true.

You’ve heard it all and then some.

So called “facts” about how to build muscle and lean out.

Words like must, always, and never are thrown around like the law of the land. Self-proclaimed experts and know-it-alls cascade the internet with fitness rhetoric that is downright BS. Advice that’s taken as gospel one minute is thrown out as garbage the next.

One rule of building muscle is that there are no rules. Everyone is a bit different regarding how they build muscle, but there are a few general concepts that help the majority.

Some long-believed notions, however, can be disputed when it comes to creating your own program. Below are 7 common “facts” that I am calling BS on.

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