7 BS Facts About Muscle That Everyone Thinks are True

3. You Have to eat Tons of Food

Stuffing your face is fun and takes a lot less self-discipline than adhering to a strict, get lean diet. But is it necessary for gaining muscle? If a little is good, a lot must be better, right?

7 BS Facts about Muscle: You Have To Eat ALL The Food

If your goal is to stay lean while building muscle, you’ll want to make small increases in calories (the healthy kind). This allows you to gain muscle at a slow and steady rate without the added body fat. Increasing calories 300 to 500 over maintenance is all it takes to start gaining muscle. Once you have completed about 4 weeks of a steady but slight surplus, reevaluate your plan and see if you need to make any minor adjustments.

4. To Lean Out, You have to Switch to High Reps

I bet someone has told you that to lean out you must go on a super low calorie diet coupled with a weight training regimen of higher “fat burning” reps. The theory goes that the higher reps will burn the cuts into the muscle (or something like that). Nonsense.

Contrary to that belief, heavier weight in moderate rep ranges (as discussed before) will enable you to reach your goals faster. Since the heavier weight will build more muscle, it will also burn more fat at rest and help you get leaner.

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