8 Pushup Routines That Are Better Than ‘AMRAP’

These cutting-edge workouts will help you get better results from this classic exercise

We all agree that the pushup is a great exercise. But if your routine consists of just doing as many reps as possible, you aren’t getting the most you can out of this movement.

Take your ground game to the next level with the following 8 routines. Some are merciless muscle tests, and others are just plain fun, but they’ll all help you get more on the floor—than ever before.


Why it works: Performing an ascending ladder—in which you add one rep of an exercise every round—forces your muscles to work longer and harder while battling fatigue, says Andy Speer, C.S.C.S., co-owner of SoHo Strength Lab  and creator of The Anarchy DVD Workout.

Speer recommends doing two movements that work opposing muscle groups—like your chest and your back—during a ladder. That’ll give each set of muscles a brief chance to rest while the other one works, so you can crank out even more reps.

Do it: Alternate between the pushup and supine floor slide (watch the video below to see how to perform the movement with perfect form).

Do one pushup, and then immediately flip over on to your back and perform one floor slide. Without resting, perform two pushups and two floor slides. Repeat this process until you reach 10 reps of both exercises. Each week, try adding one more “rung” to your ladder.

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