Body Like A God: A Complete Bodyweight Exercise Plan for Building Muscle

Total Body Weight Blast

  • Perform each workout once or twice per week.
  • Perform each complex without rest between exercises. After each complex rest for one minute.
  • Try the entire program for at least four weeks or during times of travel or away from traditional equipment.
  • Complete a dynamic warm-up prior to each workout.
  • Optional: After each session complete either steady state or HIIT cardio of your choice.
  • Complexes are signified by numbers without rest. For example, perform 1A, 2A and 3A back-to-back-to-back without rest. After the complex is complete rest one minute.
  • Perform each complex for 2-5 rounds depending on training experience and fitness level.
  • Go for 10-20 reps per move challenging yourself each workout.
  • AMRAP = As Many Reps As Possible

Workout 1:

  • 1A: Push-up
  • 2A: Medium-grip pull-up
  • 3A: Handstand or jackknife push-up
  • 4A: Diamond (hands close) push-up
  • 5A: Inverted rack curl
  • 1B: Single-leg calf raise
  • 2B: Jump squat
  • 3B: Walking lunge
  • 4B: Hanging leg raise
  • 5B: Short all-out sprint outdoors or on treadmill

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