Exclusive Chest Shockers: We Expose The Best-Kept Secrets From The Experts

Having a full, striated chest seems like something akin to being on the guest list at a top Hollywood hotspot. It’s an exclusive and dare we say elite bunch of trainees who have earned the right to part the velvet ropes and walk right past with thickly muscled pecs, leaving those on the outside filled with envy and curiosity.

Leave it to us to unearth the dirt of the seedy underbelly of chest training and to make it sound so dramatic but we’re of the opinion that everyone should have access to the gems of training wisdom that build the industry’s top chests.

So allow us to get you and your friends to the front of the proverbial line. It’s time for you to walk the red carpet of pectoral celebrity. I Throw a wrench into your pec training with some hardcore, intense, extreme techniques, all intended to spark new muscle growth and take your chest development beyond where it has ever been.


The following 10 chest-shocking methods have been used many times by expert trainers, champion bodybuilders and muscle-hungry gym rats with smashing success. So give them all a try (just not in the same workout that’s cruel).

A few weeks of this radical changeup and the only thing that won’t be growing is your frustration over a lackluster chest.

Why do it:

Training a muscle two days in a row may sound extreme, but it works. We like to refer to this method as “priming the pump,” in which the first day of training employs high-rep sets to prompt the muscles to take in more nutrients for the next day’s session, which will be a heavier workout. Our only caution is to use this technique sparingly (do it for a month, then step away from it for at least a couple of months), so as to avoid overtraining.

What to do:

Pick two consecutive days on which to train chest. On the first day, perform only single-joint, isolation exercises from at least four different angles and keep the reps high, at 25-30. Do about 16 total sets this day, without going to failure on any of them. The next day, after consuming an abundance of protein and carbs, go heavier (6-12 reps) and train to failure on all compound exercises (flat, incline, decline dumbbell and/or barbell presses).

Perform a total of 16-20 sets on these moves, then take a full week off from training your pecs.

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