Exclusive Chest Shockers: We Expose The Best-Kept Secrets From The Experts

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Shocking a bodypart into growing can be as easy as adding new exercises to the mix. Here are four chest moves you probably haven’t done in a while, if ever.

One-Arm Dumbbell Flye

This is done with the same basic form that is used in two-arm flyes, only with a nonworking hand grasping a bench or stable object for balance. Cable flyes and crossovers can also be done one arm at a time.

One-Arm Machine Press 

Whether on a Cybex or Hammer Strength machine, performing unilateral presses will help minimize chest imbalances.

Barbell Pullover

Most people prefer to perform pullovers with a dumbbell, which is fine. But incorporating a barbell into the move on occasion (with a shoulder-width grip) will hit the pecs from a slightly different angle.

Clap Push-Up 

Power moves are great to include in your routine (in moderation) to help you bust through plateaus. After reaching the bottom position of the push-up, explode up as fast as you can so your hands literally leave the floor, then clap them togeter before coming back down.

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