Fast Mass Program: The 4 Day Superset Split Workout to Get You Pumped and on Your Way!

Why Are Supersets so Great?

As previously mentioned, supersetting is a great way to increase the amount of work you’re able to perform in a shorter amount of time.

A lot of lifters overgeneralize the term superset to make it include any set that is composed of two separate lifts. However, that’s not exactly the case.

True supersets involve opposing muscle groups, while compound sets involve the same muscle group. This workout is predominately made up of supersets. However, a compound set or two may have made its way into the program to ensure enough recovery time was given to each muscle group.

M&S Athlete Perfroming Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Often the only time I have to get a lift in is over an extended lunch break. Supersets are perfect for shocking and stimulating the muscle. I consistently implement the superset strategies found in the fast mass program throughout the year. -Brett Kahn, IFBB Pro

Personally, the only instances I will normally use compound sets is when training the larger muscles of the leg or during a shredding phase. Otherwise, they can be effective if you really want to keep a muscle under an insane amount of stress, but with the excessive time under tension, you’re bound to experience a breakdown in proper form on the second exercise performed.

However, with traditional supersets, you wont experience that as much as they use opposing muscle groups such as your back and chest. The only issue you may run into is a lack of cardiovascular conditioning, which building upon by using this workout will only help you with your long-term goals.

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