I’m a Trainer, and These Are 24 of My Favorite Muscle-Building Exercises

22. Hamstring Curl

Hamstring Curl

  • Start by lying face down on the hamstring curl machine. The pad of the machine should be on the back of your legs at the bottom of your calves.
  • Keeping your body flat on the bench, lightly grasp the handles near the front to stabilize your upper body. Bend your knees to bring your heels toward your glutes, stopping once your knees have reached a 90-degree angle. Hold for one second.
  • Slowly lower down for three seconds.
  • That’s one repetition.

23. Step-Up


  • Find a step or a bench that, when you place your foot squarely on it, your knee is at a 90-degree angle or larger.
  • Step up with the right foot, then the left, bringing both feet completely onto the bench.
  • To return to the starting position, lead with the right foot to step down to the floor, then the left, until ending with both feet on the ground.

If this is too easy, you can perform this exercise with dumbbells.

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