Perfect Morning Workout Routine and Advice For Insane Building Muscle Mass

Most workout routines are designed for the evening lifter. If you’re an early riser, we’ve got the perfect morning workout routine and advice for you!

Most online training programs are programmed for the evening lifter. The 9-to-5 worker who trains in the evening hours after a long day at the office.

You know the programs where all the meals lead up to training later in the day?

What about those of you who work different shifts or only have time in the morning to train? Whether it’s family, work, or other obligations that influence your gym time, you need a different plan of action. One that has you training first thing in the morning and the pre- and post-workout meals to go with it.

Below is the framework for morning lifters. Take the guesswork out of your training and eating to reap more muscle for being an early riser.

Rules for Morning Workouts

Here are just a few rules for morning workouts. Some will be familiar while others may take some getting used to.

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