The Massive Muscle Bulk-Up: How to Gain 5 Pounds in 4 Weeks

We get it. If you’re new to working out or trying to overhaul your physique and add all-over mass, you want it to happen sooner rather than later. A transformation over a year’s time is great and all, but if you can expedite the process, why wouldn’t you?

Shawn Arent, Ph.D., C.S.C.S.*D, a Medical and Science Advisory Board member for Blueprint for Athletes Opens a New Window.and the director of Rutgers University’s Institute For Food, Nutrition, and Health Center for Health & Human Performance has created a roadmap that highlights how your nutrition and training need to change over the next five weeks. If you’re a skinny guy struggling to put on the pounds or a bigger guy looking to cut back on fat and gain lean mass, we’ve noted where your regimen will differ to address those goals. Ready for a transformation?

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