Top Bodybuilder’s Favorite Types of Bent-Over Row (and How to Do Them with Proper Form)

3 Bent-Over Row Variations You Should Know

You just learned the conventional bent-over barbell row, which is one of the best exercises you can do for your “pull” muscles.

The truth is you probably don’t need other forms of bent-over rowing to achieve your ideal back and biceps, but there are three variations in particular that I think are worth learning and doing in addition to, and sometimes in place of, the barbell row.

For some people it’s a matter of their anatomy and mobility (barbell rowing is very uncomfortable for some), and for others it’s equipment availability or preferences.

I personally like to slot the barbell row in as the second exercise in my pull workouts (after deadlifting) and often follow it up with one of the following exercises. And then, every couple of months or so, I swap the barbell row for one of the following exercises and follow it with another of the three or with wide- or close-grip pullups.

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