What and How I Did To Lose 100 Pounds Then Keep It Off Was Hit the Books and Consistency

Growing up, Kyle Frank never learned about healthy nutrition. He wasn’t a particularly active child, either.

“Before college, I wasn’t too active, but I wasn’t completely sedentary either,” Kyle remembers. “I would get together with friends and play football or go on bike rides, but I was never involved in any sports except for one year in high school participating in track.”

Kyle’s lifestyle wasn’t a problem when he was young, but when he went to college, his weight started to slowly creep up—so slowly, in fact, that he says he didn’t notice it.

“Thinking back, it’s almost like I didn’t see the weight gain happening,” Kyle says. “Like I woke up one morning and stepped on the scale weighing in at 240 pounds and had no idea how I got in that condition.”

Still, Kyle admits, partying and eating fast food took precedence over lifestyle change. It took a series of wake-up calls to convince Kyle he was unhealthy. Even after he decided to make changes, serial yo-yo dieting almost made him give up. But eventually, Kyle figured out how to feed his body in a healthy way. That 100 pounds he lost? It’s still gone.

This is Kyle’s story.

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