What and How I Did To Lose 100 Pounds Then Keep It Off Was Hit the Books and Consistency

What Was Your Lifestyle Like In College?

After high school and during my first couple years of college, I was only interested in hanging out with friends and partying. Heavy drinking and poor nutritional choices led to steady weight gain. My food choices were anything and everything. I had no knowledge about nutrition, nor did I care. College involved a lot of drinking and partying, with late night pizza and burritos. There was quite a bit of fast food.

What Was Your ‘Aha’ Moment?

At first, I didn’t care too much about the weight gain and kept up with my normal partying lifestyle. But as time went on, there were three different events that flipped the switch in my head and made me realize I wanted to do something about my weight.

First, I noticed I could no longer bend over to tie my own shoe. My stomach would get in the way, pushing against my legs, making it difficult to breathe.

Second, I was supposed to join my brother and his friend to go skydiving, something I’d always wanted to do. Upon arriving at the airfield, I discovered I was over the weight limit to do a tandem skydive with an instructor.

Third, one morning while getting ready for work, I was putting on the pair of jeans that I always wore. After I buttoned and zipped them up, I tried to adjust the pocket. In doing so, I split open the crotch. Although I was alone at the time, I felt humiliated.

I couldn’t believe I’d let myself get to the condition I was in. I was sick of missing out on life by not being able to do things I wanted to do, and I was sick of feeling insecure. I wanted to change to ensure I would be able to live the life I wanted in the future.

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