What and How I Did To Lose 100 Pounds Then Keep It Off Was Hit the Books and Consistency

What’s The First Step You Took Toward Making A Change?

The first thing I did was hit the books. I researched everything I could get my hands on, including tons of different diets and training plans. I found people in the fitness industry who inspired me with their videos or blogs. I tried so many different diets and meal plans, as well as tons of different exercise routines.

It was a challenge for me to be consistent with everything. I would switch programs quickly or be distracted by a new diet. I think I would have seen results faster if I had stayed consistent.

What Finally Made You Stay Consistent?

I stopped trying every fad diet and workout routine, and simplified the process for myself. I set smaller, more achievable goals, like eating more whole foods and going to the gym three times a week. Once that became habit, I was able to build on it. Eventually I turned to flexible dieting so I could eat in a healthy way without depriving myself.

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