What and How I Did To Lose 100 Pounds Then Keep It Off Was Hit the Books and Consistency

What’s Your Secret To Long-Term Maintenance?

I stopped believing there are good and bad foods. I allow myself to have anything I want, but I manage the quantity. This was a huge mental shift for me.

I count macros and change them depending on my goal. I no longer feel restricted to a few select foods. Since I no longer feel deprived, I no longer have the need for “cheat days.”

To me, the secret is finding what works best for you. This will result in increased consistency and adherence.

What Was The Difference Between The Approach That Made You Yo-Yo And The Approach That Worked?

In the beginning of my weight-loss journey I restricted certain foods, trying to eat “clean” and “whole” foods, and definitely undereating. I struggled with how restrictive that was, and felt like I wasn’t enjoying the food I was eating because it was so plain and boring. I remember initially being hungry because I wasn’t consuming enough calories.

I still had to be in a caloric deficit when I switched over to counting and tracking macros in order to lose weight. The difference was that since I was tracking food, I had objective data to look at and know where to make adjustments if my weight loss plateaued.

The other main difference was simply the mindset shift when switching to counting and tracking macronutrients. I no longer put any food off-limits. If I wanted a serving of ice cream and I could fit it in my daily macro count, I would have it.

I still prioritize whole foods. But I got hooked for good when I saw results while still including foods many people consider off-limits.

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